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ARWBrown Educational Coaching Services, LLC.

My Mission

Teens with intellectual disabilities require adequate transitioning plans for life after high school. My Book "Lost & Found" provides first-hand experience of what happens when effective adult transition planning before high school graduation is not set in place. Learn where to start, how to start, and what needs to be in place before high school graduation. After reading “Lost & Found” you don’t have to wonder what’s next. I have provided step by step guidance and resources to help you find clarity and direction in this new season of parenthood. After you have closed the pages of my book, the support doesn't end there. My services are designed to support parents from beginning to end. The first step is understanding the value of the IEP. It was designed to help children with special needs prepare for further education, employment and independent living. There is a very important section of the IEP called the “Transition Plan.” This is where the magic happens. I provide individual and group IEP coaching, adult transition support, and parent training on how to secure financial and community services. Finally get some rest tonight. Above all, my goal is to provide a safe space for parents, educators and supporters of special needs children to share their ups and downs as they journey through this transitional period with their child. Let’s discuss what working together would look like. Schedule your FREE consult today!

What Customers are Saying...

This book is very heartfelt. It is clear the author is passionate about the ID population! The extended metaphor was interesting and facilitated understanding of the post high school process for students with ID. I loved how the author made the text interactive so caregivers can really formulate an effective long-term goal! --

Faydren Battle M.Ed. Special Education Educator

What Customers are Saying...

When you are the parent or the care-giver of a child with extra needs, having another person who understands the journey is so important to have in your inner circle. We search for resources to help us set our expectations of what is ahead on the path. Lost and Found by Angela West-Brown is one such resource. In an easy-to-read format, Angela weaves in her own personal journey covering both information for the cared and care-giver. I especially appreciated the prompts at the end of each chapter, offering space to think and plan my own way forward. This is a must-have book for your library. Thank you, Angela!

Theresa DeMarco,  Special Needs Mom

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