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ARWBrown Educational Coaching Services, LLC.

IEP Transition Planning A to Z: Graduation Planning made easy!!

 IEP Transition Planning A to Z: Graduation Planning made easy 

60-day Family Coaching Program helps you figure out when, what, and how to prepare early for high school graduation and college success for your child with intellectual disabilities.  I help you tackle the Multi-Generational impact of challenges faces while preparing the entire family to support your special need teen through the adult transition process.  Never worry that your child is being left behind ever again. 

 Your child has goals and I want to help you, help them, accomplish their goals.  

IEP Transition Planning A to Z: Graduation Planning made easy!! A 60 day Family Coaching Program

Inside the College Ready IEP Family Coaching program, 

I'll teach you how to……

  • Understand adult transition planning, who should be included and when to start.
  • Select transition services, post-secondary goals, and  community supports the team will need to include.
  • Write IEP Transition Goals
  • Determine age-appropriate transition assessments
  • Learn the College Admissions process step by step. 
  • Navigate independent living options

  • Maximize disability services to ensure a successful first year of college for your child.
  • Choose a person-centered planning approach that best fits your child’s needs.
  • Complete the Financial Aid process with ease.
  • Learn Financial Budgeting and Planning strategies
  • Write a Vision Statement and Parent Concerns
  • Determine if Guardianship, Conservatorship or Power of attorney is right for your child.
  • Discover Career/Employment Pathway 

IEP Transition Planning A to Z: Graduation Planning made easy!! Experience…

Live Q & A Ask your questions and get real time answers.

• Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

• Customized feedback

• 24/7 Email Access

• Learn at your own pace

Bonuses Include:

• Parent  Transition Planner

• Lost and Found Book Combo Package

• Instant access to our private VIP Facebook community

IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and will not be giving legal advice. This parent coaching program will focus solely on strategies to support families through adult transition planning and who are NOT in critical situations. GED Ready IEP is a  program is designed to create  early preparation and strategies for adult transition success for your child with special needs.  All IEP adult transition planning decisions are solely yours.