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Empowering each child, one parent at a time.

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Parent Planner 

 My new Parent Planner is a step by step guide to help prepare teens with ID/D (intellectual disabilities) for adulthood for just $7. That's right!! only $7. I believe when you know what's next for your teen with ID/D, you can plan ahead with confidence and peace of mind . No more guessing and wondering about your teens future after high school.  click and grab your Parent Planner today!!  

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I want you to know that you can succeed, win and master the IEP world. Prepare your teen with special needs for life after high school with ease. Don't let another day go by feeling defeated. Ace the IEP today for a better tomorrow. Let's ace the IEP together! Download the IEP is the Key 3 part training today. 

 Webinar Training 1

What is Adult Transition Planning?

5 Successful tips to help prepare for your next IEP transition meeting.

Diploma Options available and how this affects your teen.

Webinar Training 2

What questions to consider before your teen turns 18?

How to determine if power of attorney, conservatorship, or guardianship

Webinar Training 3

How to develop the core focus of the (TSP) Transition Service Plan.

Bonus Checklist:

IEP Goals and Transition Planning  

Click here to download IEP is the Key today!!

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Parent Self-Care Program  

While raising a child with ID/D (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) I want to give my parents something to help them stay centered. My Self-Care Program will do just that. Whether its emotionally, mentally, spiritually, my self-care program has you covered. Invest in yourself and see the world around you change. Click and begin your self-care program today. 

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1:1 IEP Review and Consultation

Please keep in mind the following...

Parents are part of the team that develops and reviews the IEP.

IEP goals should be specific, measurable, and tailored to the unique needs of your child.

Parents can request an IEP review or revision at any time.

I will review the following...

Present Levels of Performance.

Measurable annual goals, including benchmarks or short-term objectives.

Educational Progress

Accommodations and Alternate Assessments.

Transition Plans 

IEP Review
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            Lost and Found 

Do you have an intellectually disabled child? Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, and searching for answers, resources, and solutions, but no one knows how to help you? I know the feeling all too well of needing someone to provide support through the process when I unexpectedly took on the role as caretaker for my niece, and was suddenly burdened down by the financial demands of having to meet her exceptional needs and still provide the best life possible. Regardless of socio-economic barriers, families raising children with intellectual disabilities deserve access to information, resources, and strategic educational tools. In Lost and Found, I use my expertise as an Educational Life Coach and Consultant and previous Aged, Blind, and Disabled Medicaid Eligibility Specialist with the Department of Family and Children's Services to provide a behind-the-scenes experience and a first-hand account of the vulnerabilities presented for caregivers raising an intellectually disabled child when information is not readily accessible

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